SNL Scraps: Kristen Wiig Returns, Hopefully With A Ghostbusters Sketch In Tow

Former SNL cast member and comedy legend Kristen Wiig will grace Studio 8H with her presence for the second time as a host. Meanwhile, the musical guest will be The xx, presumably because they announced a new album this month. I always like it when former cast members return to host the show. Like with last year’s season finale hosted by Fred Armisen, it often brings a sense of camaraderie and comfort, especially because the host is already used to the hectic routine.

I really hope that this means that we’ll be getting some kind of Ghostbusters sketch. Hey, they already have Kate and Leslie as cast members. If Melissa McCarthy isn’t too busy then maybe she can squeeze in a cameo. If not, I’ll settle for Kristen Wiig reprising her role as the Target lady or an equally funny character. Just, please, no Garth and Kat. My good will can only extend so far.

See? Even the Target lady thinks they're annoying.

Additionally, you sick of David S. Pumpkins yet? I'm not! Evidently, SNL has seen fit to include David's skeleton entourage in a promo for this week's episode. It features the Internet's newest odd trend, the 'Mannequin Challenge.'

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