Critical Hits and Misses #67

Cinema Blend discusses why Doctor Strange’s Mordo had to be different from the comic book version. Lots of spoilers for the movie, so be careful if you haven’t seen it yet! (Ivonne)

Patton Oswalt had a touching conversation with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. In fact, Patton was all over late night last week, ostensibly to talk about his Emmy win, but really he was on a tour to publicly discuss grief, an important topic we rarely focus on in our society. (Zachary)

On Nerds of Color, Desiree Rodriguez writes about Romani representation in pop culture generally, and comics especially. (Tova)

Today's musical hit is Nina Simone's "O-o-h Child."  Keep fighting the good fight, friends!

Today's Critical Roll: 

What's your favouite hopeful science fiction story?

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