Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2 E4: "When Will Josh And His Friend Leave Me Alone?"

Warning: This review contains spoilers for two very important plot points.

Rebecca and Greg’s relationship may have been a sh*t show, but this episode definitely was not. I love seeing the depths that Rebecca will go to achieve her goals. No matter how depressing it gets, there’s still plenty to be amused by. Thankfully, the mix between drama and humor seemed to be angled more toward the fun side this week. Distraught by her two breakups and a massive humiliation, Rebecca decides that only a makeover can change her image. Cue the eighties pop music and montages!

The side plot revolves around Paula’s continuing struggle to choose between her potential future career as a lawyer and the revelation that she’s pregnant. Having another child would only increase the amount of stress in her life. As it is, she and her husband are exhausted and overworked. Still, being a lawyer would increase Paula’s morale. Instead of being a worn-out receptionist, she would be learning about how to follow her passions and become a lawyer.

Near the end of the episode, we do find out that after having a successful meeting with a representative of the college, she decided to have an abortion. I have to give credit to the writers, we find out in the weirdest way possible. At first, it just shows Paula in her bed, seemingly recovering from an illness or taking a nap. Then, the doorbell rings and her son yells, “Mom, I’ll get it, since you just had an abortion!” It’s presented partially in a humorous fashion, but it’s an important plot point, especially given recent political events.

As for the other major plot point, this episode marks the final appearance of Santino Fontana as Greg. In an interview, Aline Brosh McKenna, the co-creator of the show, said that his character leaving the show represented reaching a form of maturity and that everyone in West Covina is ‘stuck’ in some way. By going to business school, he is closer than ever to achieving his dreams. I will miss seeing him on the show but I understand the intent. On the plus side, I do appreciate the increased screen-time for Heather, especially because she’s going to be Rebecca’s roommate in future episodes.

Finally, I think that this episode featured the single most raunchy song to ever appear on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and possibly the CW network as a whole. “We Tapped That Ass” is a song sung by polter-guy versions of Greg and Josh about the many, many, many places where Rebecca had fun fadonkling times with them. It’s crude, filled with innuendo, and utterly hilarious.

Santino’s final song for the show as Greg was similarly stunning. Titled “It Was A S*** Show”, he waxes lyrical about how awful his relationship with Rebecca was right before leaving West Covina forever. It really gives him a chance to show off his singing skills. As a finale performance, it’s definitely a good one.

“Makeover” is a shorter one, but the pure catchiness has wormed its way into my brain. Ever since I watched the episode, I’ve felt it crawling around in my brain, taking up more space and kicking out useless information. It’s not quite as catchy as “West Covina”, but I might change my mind after a few more repeat viewings. The ending joke of the song might rub some viewers the wrong way, but I giggled.

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