Archie #14 Review: The Veronica Strikes Back

Still depressed over Veronica’s departure, Archie hands over the reigns to Jughead, which leads to a much weirder issue. Jughead tends to go off into imaginative fantasies like J.D., the main character in Scrubs. For example, the issue starts with Archie trying to persuade Jughead to buy a phone because it’ll improve his life, even comparing him to a fifty-year-old after Jughead’s complaints about not wanting to go anywhere or do anything.

Side note, I was actually confused at first, because I know that I’ve read an issue with Jughead owning a phone, but that was actually in an issue of his own series. In any case, it does lead to some odd moments, so it’s necessary to go over the pages more than once. In any case, Archie’s depression over Veronica and his anxiety over the resulting actions leads to unintended consequences. He becomes more like Jughead, not wanting to care about life and all about relaxing.

Meanwhile, Veronica takes her revenge on Cheryl after last issue’s encounter, but it leaves her feeling empty inside. Being in Riverdale has changed her. Exposure to the mostly nice townspeople (looking at you, Reggie) has left her wanting to be nice. Humiliating Cheryl as a petty act of vengeance doesn’t make her happy, instead just wanting to go back to Riverdale even more. By the issue’s end, she is even more unhappy with her life and Jughead is going to drastic measures to get Archie out of his funk. If Archie is going to turn into Jughead, then Jughead has to become Archie!

Archie #14 is a solid issue, advancing more of the plot while being entertaining. I’m excited to see the next piece of the story arc, especially if we do see a complete role-reversal with Jughead and Archie. Check it out! It’s written by Mark Waid and Lori Matsumoto and drawn by Joe Eisma. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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