Critical Hits and Misses #72

The Shining is now an opera, and for the month of November you can listen to the whole thing for free! (Megan)

Bitch Media’s podcast discusses how abortion is talked about in the media, and how the conversation has been changing, and needs to continue changing. (Tova)

Women voted for Trump. Sad fact. But what does it mean for feminism in America going forward? The Guardian discusses how Ivanka Trump has become the symbol of Conservative femininity… and how she gave cover for other women to vote for a monster. (Ivonne)

If opera isn't your thing, please enjoy Phildel's "Holes In Your Coffin." I'm doing my best to resist the pull of holiday music, I swear. (Megan)

Today's critical roll: The last dream you had that you really, really wish you could make into a movie/video game/book/comic?

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