Critical Hits & Misses #65

  • On the eve of the United States potentially electing its first woman president, The NY Times examines feminism today and the age young girls are growing up in, and also takes a look at why American men seem to have been left behind. (Ivonne)

  • Game designer Brie Code provides a fascinating perspective at modern video games industry and the problems of getting non-gamers into trying them out in Video Games Are Boring. Over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Philippa Warr provides her own thoughts on the matter in a response article. (Dominik)

  • A potential new pilot for a Cartoon Network show has been put on the YouTube. It has a great female protagonist, math, and a corgi! Watch it here and take a look at the petition if you want Infinity Train to chug its way to a full season pickup. (Zachary)
For today's musical hit, on the day the United States needs to elect its first woman president, we also need Bey to remind us what feminism is about in "Flawless." (Ivonne)

Today's critical rolls:
1. How will you celebrate continued life or the end of the world?

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