Critical Writ Comments Policy

Critical Writ is about critical analysis, discussion of pop culture, and providing a safe and friendly space for all.

To that end, you are allowed to do the following things in the comments section of this blog:

  • Agree with people.
  • Disagree with people. 

You may also go off topic if this seems like a natural progression of the conversation.

You are not allowed to do these things:

  • Write inconsiderate things, whether you agree, disagree, or veer off topic. If you want to bring up potentially triggering subjects, start your comment with a clear warning. Triggering subjects include (but are not limited to) sexual and domestic abuse, race- or gender-based violence, and most unequal relationships of power. Inconsiderate comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will get banned. Going off topic for the sake of trolling or derailing is also going to earn you major side-eye from the mods. 
  • Make the discussion about the author (or about one or more commenters). Debate ideas, not people. You are not permitted to express judgments based on the race, orientation, or gender identity of an author, commenter, or group of commenters. For instance, comments to the effect that “You LGBT+ people need to chill out and learn to take a joke” will get deleted. Users who make this kind of generalization more than once will suffer the wrath of the mighty banhammer.
  • Engage in excessive or disingenuous debate. We see Critical Writ as a place for conversations. If it becomes obvious that you are more interested in getting a rise out of people, or in being declared the Winner of an Internet Argument, expect your comments to be deleted.
  • Air your regressive, contrarian ideas. Critical Writ is dedicated to socially-progressive interpretations of popular culture. You are free to disagree with us, but this is not a space for regressive discourses such as the following:
    • Race essentialism
    • Gender essentialism
    • Men’s rights activism
    • Trans-exclusive radical feminism
    • New atheism
    • Climate change denial
    • GamerGate, Sad or Rabid Puppies, and any other species of anti-intellectualism
You won’t find an appreciative audience for that type of discourse here, nor are you likely to change anyone’s mind—it is much more probable we will simply ban you from the comments.

  • Make threats of suicide or self-harm. Critical Writ takes mental health very seriously. Threats of suicide or self-harm are distressing to some of our readers and will therefore be removed from our comments section. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings, find help or call your local emergency services.
  • Deliberately insult an author, a commenter, or a group of commenters. We will not tolerate offensive comments. The use of slurs is likewise prohibited. If you're not sure whether or not a word is a slur, don't use it.
Abusive behavior will result in an instant ban. We will report threats of violence to the police.

Commenting is a privilege that can be revoked; revoking this privilege is not an injustice: it is the moderators' prerogative. We did not create Critical Writ as a place for unbridled free speech. Rather, our intent was to create a space for intersectional feminism, social progressiveness, and compassion. Imposing constraints on discourse has its advantages and its disadvantages—we feel the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. If you feel differently, you are free to take your comments elsewhere.

As a general rule: be courteous and polite. If you are a friendly person who wants positive change in the world—and if you are willing to welcome people of all walks of life into our fandoms—you will feel right at home here.

Welcome to our blog! We look forward to sharing our love of pop culture with you.