Critical Hits & Misses #66

We here at Critical Writ literally cannot even today.

In solemn recognition of yesterday's disaster, we are taking a break today to reflect on what's to come, and what it means for social justice in America, and what kind of activism caring Americans are going to need to engage in to protect the rights of women, minorities, the disabled, the poor, and immigrants.

Today, we encourage you to take the time to talk with your loved ones, express how you feel, and remember that all is not lost. The world didn't end last night. It just got a touch darker... but the light shines brightest in the dark, after all.

Please remember to be respectful to your neighbors, to help those who need help if you can, and to raise your voice for justice and equality when the time comes. We will need each other in the days to come.

Today's musical hit was picked out by Megan, and here's what she had to say:

I could pick a sad song for a sad day, but I know you're probably being bombarded right now with the frightening implications of a Trump presidency and what it will mean for the marginalized.  Instead, I will remind you we are not powerless.  We have a lot of work to do, and it's going to be hard.  But we can still protest and make our voices heard.  In that spirit, feminists, we're calling you! Today's song is FYR by Le Tigre:

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