Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2 E3: "All Signs Point To Josh...Or Is It Josh's Friend?"

This week’s new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is incredibly hard to watch. Reality suddenly appears with a vengeance, even interrupting the second musical number of the episode after a few seconds. Potential pregnancy, the nature of Rebecca’s mental health issues, and crumbling relationships just barge in, taking the comedy quotient down. Almost all of the past episodes in the series have led to this.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the episode. It just started to wear me down near the middle point of the episode. The relationship drama between Rebecca and Greg felt like a slight retreading of the last season and Paula’s breakdown broke my heart. I had to pause the video in some parts because it just mentally drained me. I also feel sorry for Darryll because he just wants to be friends with Rebecca and Paula, only to be rebuffed every time. At least his new relationship with White Josh seems to be helping his emotional state.

The main song in the episode is “The Math Of Love Triangles”, primarily voiced by Rebecca Bunch in her Marilyn Monroe impression. I have to start giving her more credit. Rachel’s vocal skills are astonishingly good. She has a wide range of impressions, both while singing and speaking. As for the song itself, I really appreciate the effort the writers put into the various math puns. I wish I could find out who wrote it. Props to them! I’m not going to give my thoughts on “Period Sex”, as it was cut off after a few lines.

Zachary Krishef is an evil genius. Do not question his knowledge of Saturday Night Live trivia or Harry Potter books.