SNL Scraps: Meet The New Writers!

Seven new writers have been announced for the new season of Saturday Night Live and their comedic backgrounds make me very excited for the upcoming season. I believe that from a feminist perspective and a general comedy perspective, the new season will have an even more progressive tone.

I’ve praised the Above Average Productions YouTube channel before for having clever sketches and unique web series. The featured articles on their website are also wonderful and have cheered me up on many occasions. Joanna Bradley, one of their best writers, is making the leap over to Studio 8H. Adding in her time at Upright Citizens Brigade, one of my favorite comedy groups, I’m even more hopeful. Considering that Above Average and SNL already have an overlap, both being part of Lorne Michael’s production company, I’m sure that the transition will be smooth.

Also, Anna Drezen has been hired. Her previous comedy experience comes from the Upright Citizens Brigade and a satirical comedy website called Reductress. In case you’ve never visited it, Reductress is a comedy site that focuses on feminism while marketing itself as a stereotypical magazine for women. On some occasions, the jokes can get too graphic for my personal taste, but I love their podcast and I definitely want to pick up their book at the library once it comes out.

Next are Kristen Bartlett and Zack Bornstein. Kristen is a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and the pioneer of a web series that satirizes Jerry Seinfeld’s recent work. Dubbed ‘Poor Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’, it features Kristen interviewing other comedians, with guest appearances from some of her friends. As for Zack, he is a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and has worked for The New Yorker in the past.

Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney, the two members of BriTANicK, have been hired. Interestingly enough, Nick is also currently writing a three-part Civil War II tie-in for Rocket Raccoon And Groot, co-starring Gwenpool. I will be reviewing it once the final part comes out.

Finally, we have Julio Torres. He has worked with the Upright Citizens Brigade on many occasions, even being a writer for two public access shows on the Manhattan News Network. The Chris Gethard Show and The Specialists are affiliated with UCB and all of their respective episodes can be found on YouTube. I highly recommend them, TCGS in particular. Chris Gethard is very open about mental health and has formed a wonderful community.

Zachary Krishef is an evil genius. Do not question his knowledge of Saturday Night Live trivia or the Harry Potter books.