Critical Hits and Misses #21 - September 5th, 2016 - Blackjack Bunday

  • In the mood for a fright? The latest episode of The NoSleep Podcast features a highly resourceful mother-daughter team-up. The dramatic reading of Down in the Library Basement by author Rona Vaselaar is available on the free version of the podcast. Content warning: it’s horror; there’s also description of sexual violence, but it’s not glamorized. (Etienne)

The tiniest fluffer.

Haters gonna hate.

King Bun of Floofdom

Smudge is the Dovahkiin that Skyrim deserves.
Darling Little Bastard of Critical Roller Gordon Borland.

Maleficent is lounging about her dark tower, watching videos of other kittens.
Klingon of Contributor Megan Crittenden.
Max Rockacatsky is utterly unimpressed with you.
The Fur Baby of Contributor Miz Opifex.

In today's musical hit, Alejandra Ribera says "Goodnight, Persephone."

"Keep this light burning bright for me."

Today's critical rolls:
1. Do you have any animal companions?

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