Beelonging: ANAD Avengers #14 Review

ANAD Avengers #14 continues the trend set by its predecessor– an issue only slightly related to the Civil War II logo on the cover, which focuses on one Avenger in particular. And, like last time, it works surprisingly well, better than most of the series.

Spoilers beyond this point.

Ah, Nadia Pym. I was waiting for you to show a bit more character beyond being hyperactively excited all the time, and you finally delivered.

The issue picks up where we last left the two Wasps (and Jarvis) two issues ago– confronted by a group of men who are supposedly from the Russian consulate, here to deport Nadia.

Apparently they're either time travellers, or haven't got new badges for a good twenty five years.
Something immediately catches my attention- the art is much, much better! Sure enough, Adam Kubert is the artist for this issue, and it looks miles better than the usual ANADA fare.

The plot is weirdly disjointed. After figuring out these dudes are actually Agents of WHISPER and beating them up, that whole storyline screeches to a halt as they catch sight of a news broadcast on TV about the conflict over Ulysses and what happened as a result.

Basically everyone's reaction to Civil War II
Nadia flips out over this, and immediately sets herself to work on a scientific solution to the problem in her nano-lab, where time goes at a faster rate (SCIENCE!). Much like her father, she soon gets lost way too deep in her work, and it takes Janet to save her from it as it literally blows up in her face.

It’s honestly a very odd story, but also oddly sweet. Nadia’s reaction to the Civil War is one a lot of fans can probably identify with, and her desperation to fix the problem says a lot about what kind of person she is.

Janet also gets her time to shine. As the new Wasp’s step-mother/mentor, she’s acting as the reins to Nadia’s constant driving force, and the relationship between the two of them seems sweet.

Overall, I’d say this comic did it’s main job pretty well: Getting me interested in this fall’s The Unstoppable Wasp series.


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