Critical Hits & Misses #38: Friday Skyday, September 30, 2016

"There should be a whole school of therapy just for people who won't allow themselves to love Buffy the Vampire Slayer." If you agree with this statement, or if you're deeply troubled by it, you should go listen to the source: Buffering the Vampire Slayer. Jenny Owen Young and Kristin Russo's new podcast takes on one episode per episode, with a mix of silly jokes, feminist analysis and original music. It can be found on many different sites and streaming services. (Tova)

Helen McNutt discusses how Emma Watson’s He For She speech made her a feminist mother, and taught her to do “boy” things with her sons, to prove to them that “girls can do them too.” (Ivonne)

It's Friday Skyday! Cast your eyes to the night sky tonight in the western hemisphere, and you might see (or rather, not see) a rare lunar occurrence: the black moon! No it's not the sign of the coming apocalypse; it's just the second new moon in single calendar month

In other sky news today, the UN will be launching its first ever space mission, in what some folks are comparing to the early days of Star Trek's Federation. 

Our Skyday musical hit is Kim Boekbinder's "The Sky Is Calling."

Today's Critical Roll: To roll with our Skyday theme, Elon Musk announced his plans this week on colonizing Mars. Would you go? What do you think about colonizing other planets? What kind of role would you play as a colonist?

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