Critical Hits & Misses #34, Bunday September 26, 2016

Palmer Luckey, who founded and later sold Oculus to Facebook for $2 billion, has been secretly funding a non-profit called Nimble America. This non-profit supports U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by creating and proliferating anti-Hillary memes. That's right: people are being paid to make shitty posts. (Adrian)

Bustle discusses the depressing fan theory that Harry Potter never actually left the cupboard under the stairs, and that Hogwarts was just his mad escapist fantasy. A theory, by the way, that J.K. Rowling has not shot down… just sayin’ (Ivonne)

The executive producers on Fox’s Gotham have stated that Maggie Geha’s physically aged-up Poison Ivy will not be a sexual character—whilst also saying that she will retain her comic counterpart’s seductive powers. (John)

It's Monday Bunday! Here is your daily dose of cute to start the week off right! 

Today's musical hit strikes a folk rock chord: Typhoon frontman Kyle Morton just surprised the Interwebs by releasing a solo album, What Will Destroy You. "Gestalt of Original Pain" reminds us of some of the best  songs by Simon and Garfunkel.

Today's critical roll:

Hogwarts? Westeros? Panem? Middle Earth? The MCU? What is your mad escapist fantasy? Maybe it's one of your own creation? Tell us what fantasy/sci-fi world you would escape to if you could, and why!

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