Critical Hits & Misses #32: Thor's Day September 22, 2016

Happy First Official Day of Autumn, Northern-Hemisphereans! Prepare for falling leaves, cooler weather, and boot season. Oh, and happy Spring to Southern-Hemisphereans! Space is weird.

UFC Bantamweight Champion Amanda "Lioness" Nunes was honored with the 2016 Equality Visibility Award, for bringing "greater awareness to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights issues." Amanda, the first openly-gay Champion in the UFC, accepted the award alongside her girlfriend and training partner UFC Strawweight Nina Ansaroff. (Adrian)

The official channel for Cartoon Network’s Africa sub-network has posted a clip of a future episode of Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production, featuring a rather unusual design for Porky Pig. (Zach)

Feeling nostalgic? Bustle lists twelve movies from the 90s with hidden feminist messages. You might want to check them out! (Ivonne)

It's Thor's Day!

Have you ever had that roommate? (And judging from the guy's body language here, Thor is definitely that roommate.) Tell us your nightmare/funny/exasperating/awesome roomie stories in the comments!

Is the week dragging on? Do you feel forlorn? If soulful, sad music is your jam, today's musical hit is replete with Aṣa's longing and melancholy.

Today's Critical Roll:

1. Love reality TV shows? Hate them? Tell us what your favorite (or least favorite) show is, and why! Or perhaps you simply want to regale us with a rant on why reality TV shouldn't exist. That's fine too!

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