Critical Hits & Misses #37: Thor's Day, September 29, 2016

DC Women Kicking Ass give us a peek at the Gotham Girls makeup line. Gotham Girls is available at Walgreens. (SecretAgentR)

Autostraddle have announced the winners of their very own Comic and Sequential Art Award! The results are full of comics you should absolutely check out. (Tova)

Today in unnecessarily-gendered-shit news: car manufacturer Seat and Cosmopolitan magazine have unveiled a new car for teh womenz! It’s purple, has handbag hooks, jeweled-effect rims, and eyeliner around the headlights. Huh? (Ivonne)

It's Thor's Day! Check out this fabulous Thor/Harry Potter mashup! Art by Ireness-Art

Today's Music feature is the always fabulous violinist Lindsey Stirling, and her post-apocalyptic vision, The Arena.

Today's Critical Roll: What Hogwarts house would you be sorted into and why? And forget the inexplicable Pottermore quiz... what would your Patronus be, and why?

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