Critical Hits & Misses #36: Wednesday September 28, 2016

Robert Lockhard, AKA the Deja Reviewer, figured out how the entire Back to the Future trilogy is one giant chiasmus. (Aranwe)

In a radio interview, iconic feminist Gloria Steinem discusses her past, how she ended up living most of her life on the road, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and about her current projects supporting Native American women. (Ivonne)

Porn-streaming website Pornhub is offering a $25,000 scholarship to a woman pursuing education in STEM—no strings attached. Pornhub VP Corey Price says "We wanted to initiate meaningful change around the world and through our philanthropic endeavors we have provided happiness and, ultimately, changed lives." (Adrian)

Mick Jenkins' recent collaboration with BADBADNOTGOOD is positively haunting, much like its chorus: "I can't breathe." "Drowning" is today's musical hit. (Content warning: it's an allegorical connection between the contemporary American context and the colonial history of slavery.)

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