Life With Kevin #2: More of a Romantic Comedy than a Drama

It’s been a few months since the last issue came out, so here’s a link to my review as a refresher. Life With Kevin #2 continues where it left off, with Veronica and Kevin living together while they both try to perfect their post-college lives. While Veronica struggles to find a job, Kevin isn’t satisfied with his current position as a news reporter. He wants to be behind the scenes and making a difference, not uncomfortably reporting on inconsequential stories.

New York, everyone.
To make matters worse, his love life isn’t going well. Being roommates with Veronica is impeding his dates. She pesters him with phone calls, barges into the room when things are about to get, ahem, romantic, and doesn’t have the greatest sense of personal space.

I mentioned Fuller House in my last review. Coincidence?! Absolutely yes.
Life With Kevin #2 has an adequate story, but I can’t help but feel that it could be better. Due to the length of time between issues, the story almost feels rushed. It’s hard to become invested in the plot when there’s a long gap between release dates. Additionally, the miniseries is only four issues long, but with only a hint of new events and plot twists, I’m becoming worried that the remaining two issues won’t be able to properly resolve everything. I do realize that it’s primarily humor-focused, but I do want the dramatic elements to be properly paced.

I still recommend that you read the comic. Despite its flaws, it is very funny. I do like seeing stories that revolve around the potential future of the Riverdale gang. It’s no Life With Archie: The Married Life, but it’s still fascinating.

Life With Kevin is written and drawn by Dan Parent.

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