Critical Hits & Misses #31: Wednesday September 21, 2016

Comic Book Resources has posted an interview with the writer and artist for Mosaic. (Zach)

Women Write About Comics has an excellent roundtable on using the comic Bitch Planet when teaching for higher education. Even if you’re not an educator, it’s an interesting read. (Tova)

Metro UK’s Hanna Flint discusses why Taraji B. Henson’s Hidden Figures is the intersectional feminist film we need right now. (Ivonne)

For today's musical hit, Francisca Valenzuela sings the body electric.

Today's Critical Roll:

1. We've got Disney villains on the brain! Who is your favorite Disney villain and why? But don't just give an easy answer! Can they be humanized? Are they in any way relatable or do you just love to hate them? What is your armchair analysis of their psyche? Come on, give us the meat!

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