Critical Hits and Misses #20 - September 2nd, 2016 - Dramatic Lightning Bolt!

  • Greg Berlanti and Mara Brock Akil are developing a Black Lightning television series! (John)
  • As a joint project, Vigo Universal and Belgium's Musée royal de Mariemont have assembled a truly out-of-this-world 3D-printed Stargate replica. (Miz Opifex)
  • All Over Albany shared what is thought to be the Hamilton-Schuyler wedding cake recipe from the New York State archives. (SecretAgentR)
  • Back in March, Dorian Lynskey at The Guardian wrote a great piece on how “grumbling fanboys" won’t win the battle against feminism in comic books. Lynskey covers women in comics in the old days, and how things are changing fast now. (Ivonne)
  • Last week, journalist and feminist Tara Bradbury roasted Internet trolls after backlash against an article she wrote about NL FemFest, once again bringing attention to the hostile environment women endure online everyday. (Lacey)

Today's musical hit is this rockin' live version of "Psalm 40:2," by the Mountain Goats. (Etienne)

And speaking of music—here's a new segment: this week's critical playlist is entitled "Bitter Prayers, Fiery Sacraments," and consists in a selection of songs on the theme of complicated, ambivalent faith. (Scott)

Today's critical rolls:
1. Who would be the prime choice to play DC's first headlining black hero, Black Lightning?
2. For that matter, what about Black Lightning's daughters, Thunder and Lightning?
3. What variant cover theme would you most like to see out of DC and/or Marvel?

4. In honor of our first amendment rights: who is the sexiest comic book beefcake?
Is there any song or music video that holds any special, sentimental value to you?

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