SNL Scraps: John Cena And Casey Affleck To End SNL's December Run

First up, John Cena will be hosting this week's episode and a new promo hints at a violent episode. I'm not sure about this, am I going to have to pay attention to wrestling in order to understand some jokes? I just know that people online love making jokes about him. Then again, I watched the first Dwayne Johnson-hosted episode as a rerun and the wrestling-themed monologue made perfect sense. In any case, I do like the wrestling-themed SNL logo and he was funny in Sisters. Maren Morris will be joining him as the musical guest.

I do feel rather uneasy about Casey Affleck's hosting opportunity on the seventeenth, due to some disturbing allegations that have been made against him. Still, I've never let how I feel about someone stop me from watching the show before, so I don't see why I should skip it now. I'll need some relaxation after my finals, anyway. Chance The Rapper will be the musical guest for the upcoming episode, presumably the show's Christmas episode.

In terms of Christmas specials, a clip show made up of Christmas-themed specials will be airing on the fourteenth at 9 pm. An SNL Christmas will feature some of the best holiday sketches the show has to offer. Sadly, the show doesn't have a lot of Chanukah sketches, so I'm just hedging my bets on Adam Sandler's famous Weekend Update performance of "The Chanukah Song" and the "Christmas Time For The Jews" Saturday TV Funhouse bits airing. I'm only including the latter because it's about Christmas. Sorry, Chanukah Harry, Santa doesn't need you to fill in this year.

Zachary Krishef is an evil genius. Do not question his knowledge of Saturday Night Live trivia or Harry Potter books.