Scream Queens S2 E8 Review: "Rapunzel, Rapunzel"

Note: This review contain spoilers for the episode. You have been warned.

Finally, the overall mystery of the Green Meanie is starting to unravel. Wes Gardner, a character from the first season, has been revealed to be the initial copycat Green Meanie. Due to the emotional trauma that his daughter suffered in the last season, he decided to suit up as the killer and get his bloody revenge on the Chanels. I do wish that we could have actually seen the flashback instead of just having him tell it to Chamberlain before stabbing him, but Grace's actress probably wasn't available.

I hope that this is foreshadowing a possible duel between Hofffel's Green Meanie persona and his in the next two episodes, considering that they both have a strong motive. Then again, maybe there could be another alliance and some traitorous backstabbing involved, especially because Cassidy isn't entirely on board with Hoffel's plans anymore.

The non-murder mystery side of the plot wasn't very interesting. I just don't care about Chanel No. 1's relationship with Dr. Brock. I think that his character is more interested when he's contending with the serial killer hand, but that plot thread seems to be gone. Equally uninteresting is Brock's affair with Dean Munsch because it just feels like a stale love triangle. I would rather have more screentime focused on her disease. Her simultaneous relationship with Wes is slightly more interesting, given his new status as one of the Green Meanies.

My favorite subplot would have to be Zayday's continuing mission to find out who the Green Meanie is. She has no knowledge of Dr. Cassidy, Dr. Offel, or Wes's respective identities, making it very tense when she questions Dr. Cassidy's mother about the ongoing situation. I also like the potential deconstruction of a standard horror movie costume. She actually sets a trap for the Green Meanie and steals a bit of the costume in order to find out who made it. The trip leads her to a creepy costume shop filled with dozens of potential slasher villain personas. I can't help but wonder if any of them will be used on the off-chance that the show gets renewed. Given the unfortunate events of the end of the episode, I hope Zayday survives to see it.

The comedy portion in the horror-comedy was present, but mostly crude in the tone. Raunchiness isn't necessarily something that I don't like in media, but it has to serve some kind of purpose. Lately, it seems as though the off-color references and euphemisms are just there for the sake of being there. Maybe it's me, but I would prefer something else.

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