Jughead #11 Review: Sabrina Is The Superhero We Need

Looking at the cover, is that a Yu-Gi-Oh! reference? I’m pretty sure that it is, but I’ve only seen parodies of it. I’ll have to ask my sister later. In any case, I definitely approve. It has a really neat style, almost like Jughead and Sabrina are about to duel against some burger-despising fiend. “You don’t like burgers? Feel the fury of our coupons!”

Right off the bat, the final story in the trilogy hooked me. Reggie acts like a creep when he meets Sabrina, because of course he does, he’s Reggie, and Sabrina’s fantasies are drawn in the style of Fred Hembeck and the classic Archie comics.

No, sadly, our current real-world political climate is the darkest timeline, but I can see why you're upset. Also, I love the goofy look on Reggie's face. Even Sabrinat thinks he's dumb and she barely knows him.
Sabrina’s magical accident from the last issue turns out to have caused a donkey-headed horse demon to appear, so she has to cast a spell to make Jughead and Reggie see it as something boring. Why? Well, if mortals find out that magic exists, she’ll go to ‘magic jail.’ It could be worse, because the Afterlife With Archie version had her mouth physically removed and, long story short, she’s in magic teen juvie and married to Cthulhu. To avoid the consequences, this version of Sabrina makes them see the beast as Mr. Weatherbee.

I think that part of the spell also had a calming effect on Reggie. I don't see him as being polite to authority figures, unless he's trying to take credit for something or weaseling out of a punishment.

After the creature is defeated, the rest of the issue is devoted to a glimpse of Sabrina’s rather lackluster personal life and a resolution to her argument with Jughead. I’m very happy that Ryan North handled the misunderstanding between Jughead and Sabrina carefully, as well as the issues that Sabrina is facing. Apart from having to handle balancing magic and reality, Sabrina also has to deal with a new wrinkle that many teens can relate to.

In fact, Ryan’s interpretation of the character is especially awesome. After reading the final part in this arc, I would have to say that Sabrina is the closest thing to a superhero in the current “New Riverdale” lineup. (Salem is her sidekick.)

I hope that the ‘Sabrina’ arc leads to a spinoff, preferably helmed by Ryan North and Derek Charm. It’s that good. Apart from being a generally entertaining character and universe to play around it, it’s also just nice to have a bit of magic in the world. Some of my favorite stories revolve around modern-day characters having to deal with the supernatural and paranormal, either as guides or as hunters. With the right plot, it could turn out to be a fun hybrid of Seanan McGuire’s Incryptid book series and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Send nice messages to the Archie social media feeds, as well as Ryan and Derek. You never know, it might happen.

Jughead #11 is written by Ryan North and drawn by Derek Charm. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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