March Brings A Possible Second Phase For Archie's 'Horror', 'New Riverdale' Branches

March will bring four specialized one-shots from the brain trust at Archie Comics, all designated for a specific genre. If they're popular enough, then the company might just give the go-ahead and turn them into full-length series.

First up, we have Sabrina The Teenage Witch, penned by Katie Cook and Franco. You might recognize Katie from IDW's My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic comic book. Franco Aurreliani has worked on the excellent Superman Family Adventures comic and Tiny Titans for DC Comics. Andy Price, who has worked with Katie before, will provide the artwork. I've been wanting a Sabrina spinoff for months and I'm excited to see what the creative team will come up with. Based on their work, I predict that we'll get a magically delightful comic.

Secondly, the Archie Horror imprint will grow larger with a special issue focusing on Riverdale's most gluttonous teenager, Jughead. Titled Jughead: The Hunger, it will explore just why he's so constantly hungry. Already, I have several disturbing theories. Is he the personification of one of the seven deadly sins? Will he rot from the inside out without constant nutrition? Whatever it is, I'm sure that Frank Tieri will horrify us. The promos do tease that it might have something to do with a werewolf, so maybe that's it. Mr. Tieri has done a lot of work for Marvel and DC in the past, specializing in Wolverine, Deadpool, and Batman. The artist, Michael Walsh, is currently working on the Doctor Strange/The Punisher: Magic Bullets miniseries for the Marvel Infinite imprint.

Third, fan-favorite all-ages title Little Archie will return to smother us all with adorableness. This one will be more cartoony than most, based on the previous volumes. Art Baltazar and Franco will co-write the one-shot, with Art also stepping in to prove illustrations.

Last, Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg will write a one-shot about The Archies. They definitely have experience in that area, having written the recent Archie Meets The Ramones crossover earlier in the year. Joe Eisma, one of the current artists for the main Archie title, will provide the art.

In other news, Riverdale has secured a release date, shown in the first teaser trailer. It definitely looks like a CW show, with all the teen drama, kissing, fighting, and partial nudity. I'm willing to give it a try, mostly for the murder mystery and the potential supernatural element. (Pun not intended.) You can watch the teaser below.

Zachary Krishef is an evil genius. Do not question his knowledge of Saturday Night Live trivia or Harry Potter books.