The Flintstones #6 Review: Cancelling The Abacus Apocalypse

The Flintstones #6 is about the worst of humanity. It starts off with Bedrock experiencing a near-idyllic day, but a misinformed doomsday prediction brings out the violence and fear in everyone. Naturally, it made me think of the chaos brought up on by the 2016 presidential election. However, what sets this apart from the standard end of the world scenario is the emotional response. We actually see not only the darkest impulses of most of the townspeople brought to life, but how they really feel about each other.

Affairs are exposed and ugly habits arise. The churchgoers turn on Gerald and the police are apathetic. Mr. Slate realizes that he doesn't want to die alone and invites his employees to join him at his mansion. Unfortunately, no one arrives, leaving him alone with his turtle, Philip.

I do wish that the story was more-defined. Something about it just feels rushed. However, based on the solicitation for the next issue, I'm going to treat this as the first part of a two-part arc. At least to me, it makes sense. In this one, chaos reigns and the town goes wild. In the next one, the Great Gazoo judges everyone on their bad behavior. Overall, I would recommend the issue, but be prepared for a near-death experience by asteroid.

The Flintstones #6 is written by Mark Russell and drawn by Steve Pugh. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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