Poll-ite Disagreement: Ms. Marvel #13 Review

Ms. Marvel #13 Cover

Well, this is not gonna be an easy one to review.

The appropriately numbered Ms. Marvel #13 may not be a step down in terms of quality from its predecessors, but the subject matter is honestly a tough one to fully enjoy after the results of the elections, and what has followed since.

Spoilers beyond this point

The plot is pretty straightforward. Kamala has returned to Jersey, and almost everyone is feeling a bit miserable. Except Zoe.

Honestly cannot wait to see this plot unfold properly
Suddenly, things get shaken up as her brother-in-law Gabriel shows up, suddenly transferred to her school due to a redistricting of the city.

My take away from this is that American school systems are weird
Kamala smells something fishy with this happening just before the local elections, and she dons her suit to team up with Mike (yay Mike!) and investigate. They do some digging, and find out that secret Hydra operative Chuck Worthy (seen earlier in the series as the man behind the gentrification project) is working with Dr. Faustus to gerrymander the election.

I love the word ‘gerrymander.’

Also, we can't call them Hydra. They're the alt-might now.
What follows in the ensuing pages is basically a lesson, albeit a well written one, on the importance of voting in elections, and the proper way to do it. A message that would’ve been a bit more appropriate on, say, November 7th.

Is that... Bernie Sanders?
In the publisher’s defence, the relevant pages were released online prior to the election, but all the same, an earlier release for the comic would’ve been more effective.

And so the people band together, Ms. Marvel fights off Chuck’s goons, and the ideal 3rd Party candidate gets elected. Happy ending.

G. Willow Wilson sums it up best herself.

Maybe I’m just bitter, but this is a comic I would’ve enjoyed far, far more a few weeks ago. Or in an alternate universe where things turned out a bit different. That’s not a criticism on the author, or the artist, or anyone involved in making the book, they’ve done a phenomenal job on creating another chapter in Kamala’s story.

It’s just not a chapter I’m going to be reading again for some time.

Aranwe Quirke is a totally real, definitely not made up name. No, you may not see the birth certificate.