Scream Queens S2 E5-6 Review: "Chanel Pour Homme-icide" and "Blood Drive"

Note: These reviews contain spoilers for the episodes. You have been warned.

"Chanel Pour Homme-icide"

I think that part of my frustration with this episodes comes from the stagnancy of the plot. I first became interested in Scream Queens because of the surprises that almost every episode had to offer. Anyone could die, almost every character had an underlying motivation, and plot twists would actually mean something. Unfortunately, this episode partially negated almost all of the previously introduced and new cliffhangers.

Firstly, a recurring element has revolved around Dean Munsch's anxiety about the murders being discovered by the public, and with good reason. If any reporters learned that patients were being slaughtered like cattle, they would pounce like a hungry tiger and close the C.U.R.E. Institute down. Sure enough, in this episode, the information is leaked, but after a few minutes, the Dean's narration merely reveals that it made the hospital more popular than ever. Who cares about the gruesome murders? They were cured, so let's go. 

It's similar to a fault that I had near the end of the first season. I understand that you have to have a healthy suspension of disbelief when watching programs of this type, but the ludicrous plot developments are starting to get irritating. A little dose of realism wouldn't hurt the show. In fact, it might just make it funnier and more entertaining in the long run.

Next, the end of the previous episode had the Green Meanie seemingly kill both Chanel Number Five and FBI agent Denise Hemphill. Almost immediately, the episode reveals that the Green Meanie's machete attack didn't kill the former and that the electrocution didn't completely kill the latter. Instead, Chanel Number Five is a reluctant ally of Zayday and Denise is in a coma, stuffed in a cryogenic freezer. Because of the nature of the show, she'll probably inexplicably wake up later in the series.

Finally, this episode raised more suspicion on Chamberlain Jackson, revealing that he's not actually a candy striper at the hospital. After a confrontation with Zayday, he just reveals that he's a random person who enjoys helping people. He only goes there to cheer people up. My issue with this plot development is that no one in the show is likable. Everyone has some moment that makes them irritating. Because of all of this, I can't find myself trusting his excuse.

As for this week's medical case, it's about Foreign Accent Syndrome. I just wasn't interested in it, as it felt like a poor excuse to have some of the actors put on different accents just to get a laugh. The character of Hester Ulrich saved the episode from being completely awful, mostly because she was actually funny. It's really cool to have a former serial killer on the show, someone who could be a potential ally, but also still pose a threat. The very end of the episode also reveals some interesting information, making Dr. Cassidy Cascade more of a suspect in the murder mystery. I can only hope that the next episode doesn't ruin it.

"Blood Drive"

Thankfully, this episode has vastly improved over the quality of the last one. I'm actually surprised at how many new plot developments were revealed. Firstly, we officially have the identity of one of the killers. At the end of the last episode, it was revealed that Dr. Cassidy Cascade was the mysterious baby from the pregnant woman, one of the only survivors of the rampage at the hospital. Said baby is a prime suspect in the case. While talking to Ingrid Hoffel, he revealed that he was only responsible for some of the murders. He also agreed to team up with her in an alliance.

Some key narration and a flashback also finally gives us a glimpse into Ingrid's past and why she has a vendetta against the Chanels. Her sister was accidentally killed by Chanel Number One all the way back in the first episode of the first season. After learning that the Chanels were going to become interns at the C.U.R.E. Institute, she vowed to make them suffer out of a need for vengeance. As for Brock, he was accused of being the killer and denied everything, insulting everyone in the room. It's possible that he could be the mysterious other killer.

The case of the week was much more interesting than last week's. It revolved around a man who believed that he was a vampire. Dean Munch assigned Hester to his case, now knowing that she was being harbored in the hospital and unable to think of a different way to keep her out of trouble. Her "brilliant" plan to cure him of the desire to drink blood was to take the blood from the blood drive and cook it into various foods, thus making him completely and utterly sick of it.

The blood drive itself also lead to quite a few funny moments in the episode, accompanied by inappropriately dramatic music during one of Chanel Number One's temper tantrums. It also lead to some more detective work from Zayday and her new ally, Chamberlain, having proven himself to not be one of the killers. Unfortunately, it also lead to one of the more nauseating scenes in the episode. In order to win the blood drive contest, Chanel Number One forces Chanel Number Nine to donate blood, genuinely terrifying me. I have a phobia of getting shots in general, so hearing her scream made me shudder. Her death scene made me even more uncomfortable, with Hoffel and Cascade draining all of the blood from her body. Despite my squeamishness, the episode was much better and I hope the quality stays at this level for the rest of the season.

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