Top Five Archie Characters That Need To Come Back!

Seeing as the Archie Comics have been in existence for seventy-seven years, it’s to be expected that an entire planet’s worth of recurring characters have rotated in and out of use over the years. Some have stuck, others have been retired and then revamped based on the current era. After all, who could forget that time Jughead became a skater punk, or that time he turned into a hippie?

I like how Veronica treats Jughead like some kind of exotic pet.

Fie upon Marvel's "all-new, all-different!" Archie Comics had "all-new, all-fresh" back in the nineties, DUDE! -air guitar-
Despite certain cosmetic changes for both the main and recurring cast, most of them have stuck around for years. This is because they’re iconic, interesting characters that readers can relate to. They’re funny, creative, and just fun to read about in general. Unfortunately, some of my favorite characters currently aren’t in the various “New Riverdale” series, but that’s not the fault of the production company, it’s because it’s harder to introduce a lot of new characters in a relatively short amount of time. For now, they are focusing on the core cast.

That being said, I still hope that they can get some screen time and be introduced to new readers in the upcoming comics and television show. Here’s my list of characters who I hope appear in solo titles or on Riverdale in the future!

Chuck Clayton:
Riverdale's premiere cartoonist and athlete.
Surprisingly, he hasn’t been cast for Riverdale. I would have thought that the character would have been announced fairly quickly, as he is one of the few original characters of color in the Archie world. It feels disrespectful to fans of the character and people of color who were inspired by seeing him in the universe to potentially eliminate him from the world.

Not only that, but Chuck is a well-rounded character, being both a star athlete and an amateur cartoonist. How many characters have you seen who are actually interested in cartooning? The Archie comics have a wealth of unique characters, so why not take advantage of them? I’m not going to immediately assume that that’s what is going on. After all, the pilot hasn’t even aired yet. I’m just going to hope that he returns.

Marcy McDermmott:
Geek extraordinaire.

For those of you who don’t know, Veronica Lodge has a cousin named Marcy who occasionally appears in the comics. When she does appear, Veronica is usually annoyed. To say the least, their personalities are very dissimilar. While Veronica is all about high culture, fashion, and shopping, Marcy loves comics, conventions, and all sorts of nerdy hijinks. Not only does it create another interesting set of character interactions, it could help to humanize Veronica. Revealing that she sometimes likes to help out Marcy could assist with making her more of a likeable character. In the comics, she would grudgingly agree to help out Marcy sometimes, only to genuinely start having fun.

Finally, having a character who likes comics and geekery could provide fodder for some amusing metatextual jokes, especially on Riverdale. If the show really is going to be a mixture of the comics and Twin Peaks, then why not add someone who knows about science fiction into the mix?

Raj Patel:
Expert movie-maker, even with a low budget.
To be fair, he has had a minor role in the new Archie ongoing series, but it’s so good that I want him to get his own series or miniseries, as well as a supporting role on Riverdale. In terms of the show, I’m once again thinking of him in terms of the potential for quality character interactions. Marcy likes science fiction, Raj likes creating science fiction films, why not have them team up? Additionally, he is one of the only characters of Indian descent in the comics, not counting the rest of his family.

Trula Twyst:
She can turn Riverdale inside out with a single word.
I’m thinking of Trula mostly in terms of an ambiguously antagonistic role. In the comics, her mom is a psychologist. She loves using her inherited skills to befuddle and torment the town, Jughead being her favorite target. She could be a suspect in Riverdale’s murder mystery, ultimately turning everyone against each other. She has been able to pull off nigh-miraculous schemes all in the name of proving a point, even being able to predict Jughead’s behavior up to a disturbingly specific degree.

Wendy Weatherbee:
New to Riverdale High.
It is important to note that even though Riverdale is being marked as a teen drama show, the primary focus on the comics, old and new, has always been on comedy. I do hope that the show doesn’t forget that and manages to include several moments of humor. That being said, I think that Wendy could act as the ‘straight man’ in the classic comedy duo, reacting to the natural weirdness of almost everyone in the town.

Alternately, if you have to make it dramatic, show how the social sphere of the school changes when the principal's daughter becomes a student in the school. On that subject, seeing her interactions with Mr. Weatherbee could also help to round him out, thus making him not just a stern authority figure.

Honorary Mention- Jingles The Elf and Sugar Plum The Fairy: 

I didn't know that Jingles used to be a stalker. That little factoid makes him really creepy, especially taking this panel and this panel out of context.
Sparkly and efficient. Rival and occasional love interest to Jingles.

Because why not make a goofy story for the holidays? Jingles and Sugar Plum usually appear to cheer up Archie and the gang through magic pranks. It’s a fun way to spread some Christmas and Kwanzaa cheer! Just be sure to also add some Jewish characters into the mix, because, according to my research, in the entire quarter of a century that the company has been running, they haven’t included any characters who are Jewish, or any characters who celebrate Kwanzaa, for that matter.

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