Critical Hits & Misses #56

CBR presents an interview with Greg Rucka, where he discusses his Wonder Woman title, reactions garnered by his comments on the character, and the simple truths of The Goddess of Truth, herself. Note: Rucka takes no shit this day. (John)
Quartz discusses the epic battle happening right now between feminism and misogyny in South Korea. (Ivonne)
The Hindustan Times has the scoop on everything you need to know about India’s first feminist superhero comic, Priya’s Shakti. Warning: this article does mention India’s gang-rape problem as part of Priya’s origin story. (Ivonne)

For today's musical hit, check out this really cool and kinda creepy video for Sia's "The Greatest."(Ivonne)

Today's critical rolls:
1. What is the most convoluted superhero origin?

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