SNL Scraps: Cecily Strong Might Have Robbed Lin Manuel-Miranda's House In The New Promos

Typically, the promos for Saturday Night Live aren’t laugh-out-loud funny. They have been increasing in quality in recent years, mostly due to a variety of locations, almost turning into mini-sketches in their own right. The promos for this week’s episode are hilarious. I want all of them to be real sketches for the show, especially Lin and Cecily’s mock feud over her impersonation of him in the season premiere and Cecily robbing Lin’s house just to find artifacts for him to sign. It’s obvious that they’re all having a lot of fun behind the scenes. I hope that that amount of fun translates to a stellar episode!

In other news, a combination of Margot Robbie hosting and Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump earned SNL some high ratings. In fact, they were the best season premiere ratings in a few years. Good for them!

Finally, more details for the last two episodes of the month have been revealed. Yes, that's right, two episodes! It's not unprecedented for SNL to have four shows in a row, but it's not too common, either. I hope that they're not too drained by October 22nd. The musical guest for Emily Blunt's episode has been revealed to be Bruno Mars, who has proven to be funny in his own right when he hosted the show in the thirty-eighth season. On October 22nd, veteran host Tom Hanks will host for the ninth time and Lady Gaga will perform for the third time.

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