SNL Scraps: Tom Hanks Goes Parachuting In The Newest Promos

Saturday Night Live has released a bounty of clips for this week's episode, including a special teaser for Tom Hank's latest episode.

This one jokes about Tom Hank's long acting career with a montage of almost all of his eight hosting appearances and eight cameos, including one during the second presidential debate sketch back in 2012. At the end, a smiling Hanks hopes that maybe now Lorne will give him his big break. I did get a little misty during the teaser, when audio footage from Don Pardo began to play.

The comment section joins in on the joke, with multiple people saying that they don't recognize him or asking if he's just a really obscure cast member. My favorite would have to be this one, saying "Such an underrated actor. Hope he gets more attention after this!"

Another short teaser features stock quotes from the election coverage over clips from the first two election debate cold openings. I really hope that they take on Trump's calls for SNL to be cancelled right in the start, preferably with some self-deprecation.

Meanwhile, the main promos feature Tom Hanks and comedy great Leslie Jones in an eclectic bunch of skits that feature parachuting, Leslie flirting with Tom, and security coming to drag the two of them off the roof. "Run, Forest, run," indeed. Finally, the last video is a quick teaser featuring Cecily Strong asking Hanks and musical guest Lady Gaga a question. 

I'm pretty excited for the episode, seeing as Tom and Lady Gaga have had great episodes on the show before. Providing the comedy perks up from last week, I see no reason to fear. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!

Zachary Krishef is an evil genius. Do not question his knowledge of Saturday Night Live trivia or Harry Potter books.