Scream Queens S2 E3 Review: "Halloween Blues"

Note: This article contains full spoilers for character deaths. You have been warned.

I feel sorry for Denise. She’s genuinely upset about Chad’s death, based on their relationship. One of the almost-completely serious scenes in the episode shows her grieving for him. I also have more respect for her after she nearly managed to stop and unmask the Green Meanie in their first confrontation. Of course, just when I start to think that she’s more than a one-note character, she dies in the second duel. Well done?

RIP, Special Agent. Your Quantico training will go down in history. Watching Quantico on ABC, that is. I'm not sure what you actually did at the location.
This episode actually managed to freak me out in one of the early scenes. After it’s revealed that all of Chad’s money is going to Dean Munsch and the C.U.R.E. Institute, Chanel goes deathly still. Chanel #5 warns everyone to get out, but then Chanel starts moving. An unearthly sound starts coming out of her mouth as she leaps over the desk in slow motion, lands on the lawyer, and starts beating him up, with disgustingly realistic crunching noises added in. I am completely serious. Her screaming sounds like an air raid siren.

In the last season, “Chanel-O-Ween” was meant to be a parody of a viral video involving Taylor Swift handing out presents to her fans. Presented in a similar format, it had Chanel giving out disgusting gifts and horrible messages to her fans. Yes, Chanel has fans. Who knew? In any case, the recipients were incredibly happy to be personally insulted by her. I’m no longer going to question why they still love her after that. I just need to go with it at this point.

This year, she outright says that she’s trying to get her fans to realize how much she hates them by raiding the local morgues for parts. No, really. It’s one of the most graphic and disgusting sequences in the season, made funny by the heartwarming song in the background. It doesn’t work and the fans still cry and squeal over a bag of pus, maggots, and the various other stomach-churning gifts. I can only imagine what will happen if the show is renewed for a third season. Maybe Chanel will upgrade to mental and physical abuse.

“Halloween Blues” was a pretty good episode. It’s hard to make up for the trifecta of Halloween-themed episodes in the previous season, but it still had plenty of gory fun. I still am genuinely invested in the mystery, even if most of the characters continue to be obnoxious and awful.

Killer Kountdown:

Catherine Hobart, aka “Werewolf Lady”, Tyler, Randal, Special Agent Denise Hemphill, and Chanel #5 aka Libby Putney- They are the least likely to possibly be the killer, as they are all very dead. Technically, we didn’t see Chanel #5 die on screen, but I’m pretty sure that both of them are dead. Also, I’m not adding Chad’s ghost to the list. Scream Queens is weird, but not that weird. 0/4 skulls

Ingrid Hoffal- It’s the same as last time. However, the promos indicate that she might appear in the next episode, so maybe that will change. 1.5/4 skulls

Zayday Williams- This episode really seems to be indicating that she’s not the killer. I’m still suspecting everyone, but I couldn’t find any evidence implicating her. 1/4 skulls

Chanel Oberlin and Sadie Swenson, aka “Chanel #3”- They both outright said that if they say Chanel #5 at the party, they would kill her. 2/4 skulls

Doctors Cassidy Cascade and Brock Holt- Holt implies that he could be the killer. He compliments the Green Meanie in an “I don’t know that guy, but he sounds really handsome!” kind of way. For a frame of reference, think Spider-Man talking to Mary Jane and saying that Peter Parker is really cool and that she should ask him out. Cascade wasn’t very suspicious in this one. 2.5/4 skulls

Cathy Munsch- No matter what she said in the episode, she just had this creepily calm tone of voice. I do not consider her trustworthy. 2.5/4 skulls

Hester Ulrich- She was wandering around in a costume, wielding a knife. Agent Denise Hemphill gave her permission to walk around, now she’s dead. Technically, she has free reign now. 4/4 skulls

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