Critical Hits & Misses #48

  • The insanity of 2016 reaches a new height with the announcement of a Justice League and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers crossover by DC and Boom. The series will be written by Tom Taylor, with art by Stephen Byrne. (John)
  • The creator of Pepe, The Frog discusses the nature of memes and of reclaiming them in response to his character's popularity with alt-Right Hate groups. (Adrian)
  • The second annual ComiqueCon is almost upon us! The Detroit metro area will be featuring a celebration of women in comics and discussion on all forms of inter-sectional feminism. 

For today's musical hit, Avenge Sevenfold's The Stage.

Today's critical rolls:
1. Did you watch Power Rangers as a child? If so, which iteration was your favorite?

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