Scream Queens S2 E3 Review: "Handidates"

Note: This article contains full spoilers for character deaths and certain plot points. You have been warned.

This week, Scream Queens features more of Chad Radwell’s extremely misguided attempts to defeat Dr. Holt for Chanel’s love, the Chanels and Dean Munsch question Hester about the killer, and the C.U.R.E. institute welcomes another patient, as played by SNL alumni Cheri Oteri. I’ll be honest, I’m not completely sure of how I feel about the diseases being used by the writers for the show. By using obscure diseases with questionable symptoms, it almost seems like they’re exploiting and mocking real-life patients. Then again, maybe they are purposely seeking out diseases that are so obscure that it’s highly unlikely for them to be affecting a large percentage of the population.

Additionally, while the diseases are made fun of by some of the characters, a deliberate point is made to show the more serious side effects. Although, given the show’s propensity for outrageous jokes, I should just be happy that they’re not using certain forms of cancer as an extended punchline. Case in point, this week’s patient is Sheila Baumgartner, a woman who has Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. She feels extreme instances of, ahem, pleasure multiple times a day, causing her extreme stress and a significant deterioration in her personal life. Thankfully, the show doesn’t make fun of her condition too much, instead using it as the catalyst for an icky scene with Dr. Cassidy and Chanel #3.

You and me both, Dipper. You and me both.
It's safe to say that this is the most not-safe-for-work episode of season two, even with implications, rather than outright steaminess. It's amazing what you can get away with at 9:00 pm on the FOX network. At times, it feels like it does more than what Saturday Night Live is allowed to air after midnight.

Speaking of Dr. Cassidy, I am a fan of his backstory because it brings back the surreal humor in a way that isn’t completely frustrating. He believes that he died back during a massive football party by lying on his back and choking on his own vomit. Indeed, his skin feels cold to the touch and when you take his temperature, it reads as 62°.

Yeah, probably not as cold as this guy, but still pretty chilly.
On the other hand, I am not a fan of the new clue for the identity of the Green Meanie. It’s very similar to the last season, where the culprit might actually be the son or daughter of the initial victim. Last season, it was Hester and Boone, the progeny of a deceased pledge at the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority. This season, it might be the baby of an ill mother who was pushed into the swamp by the hospital. It felt more fresh last season. Still, the show is by no means over, as Jamie Lee Curtis will be directing the eighth episode. There’s at least five more to go, so hopefully some fresh twists and red herrings will be added.

On the plus side, Hester continues to be my favorite character. I like seeing her taunt the rest of the characters. It adds to the ongoing mystery of the show to have a known killer from the last season acting as a simultaneous ally and hindrance while also increasing the general spookiness. I’m also enjoying Abigail Breslin’s performance as Chanel #5 much more than last season, mostly because her character is more sympathetic. I just feel so sorry for her.

Killer Kountdown:

Catherine Hobart, aka “Werewolf Lady”, Tyler, Randal, and Chad Radwell- They are the least likely to possibly be the killer, as they are all very dead. RIP, Randal. Just as you were cured of your Jumping Frenchmen Of Maine Disease, you were killed by the Green Meanie. Tragic irony. RIP, Chad Radwell. You were a jerk, but you were a funny jerk. 0/4 skulls

Special Agent Denise Hemphill- Same as before. 1/4 skulls

Ingrid Hoffal- She didn’t appear in the episode, as far as I know. Maybe she was the one in the costume, committing all of those murders. She’s harboring a grudge against the Chanels and almost all of the victims have been patients that they helped to cure. Yes, it’s far-fetched, but is it really outside the realm of possibility? She could still be a red herring, but now she has more of a motive. 1.5/4 skulls

Zayday Williams- She was in the room when Sheila was decapitated and seemed devastated by her loss, but that might not be too much of an excusing factor. Still, she didn’t seem as suspicious as before, so I’m downgrading her. 1/4 skulls

Chanel Oberlin and Sadie Swenson, aka “Chanel #3”- They both suspect Chanel #5 of killing Tyler, despite them being in a committed relationship. 2/4 skulls

Chanel #5 aka Libby Putney- Murdering the most recent patient could be revenge for their constant abuse. On top of that, she wasn’t in the area when Sheila was killed and Chad’s slaying could be a twisted sort of revenge. Her boyfriend is killed and Chanel suspects her of doing it? Slit the throat of Chanel’s fiancė and reveal the body at their wedding. 2/4 skulls

Cathy Munsch- I couldn’t find any potential motives for her in this episode, apart from what we already know. She will remain in limbo with the same score. 2/4 skulls

Doctors Cassidy Cascade and Brock Holt- The new details about Cassidy Cascade given make me think that maybe he was born in the swamp. Perhaps his excessive beer consumption just escalated something inside of him. It’s not the most logical of theories, but based on the show’s increasingly bizarre plot devices, I wouldn’t put it past the writers to pull off something like that.

Meanwhile, Dr. Holt continues to be creepy. He was last seen glaring at Chad and Chanel after the proposal. Combining that with the competition over the past few episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has something to do with Chad’s demise. Maybe his transplanted hand somehow has something to do with the murder. Either way, I have a feeling that this newest murder might not be related to the Green Meanie, but we’ll find out. 3/4 skulls

Hester Ulrich- Adding to my reasons from the last review, she is now residing in the basement of the hospital and she allegedly knows the identity of the killer. Is she just messing with them for sadistic pleasure or could she actually have a hand in the killings, whether by deed or by instruction? She has the motive, she has the skills, and now she’s in their midst. 4/4 skulls

Zachary Krishef is an evil genius. Do not question his knowledge of Saturday Night Live trivia or Harry Potter books.