Critical Hits & Misses #45

At an NYCC panel Asian-American diversity panel, Netflix's Iron Fist was discussed in great detail as a missed opportunity by Marvel to cast an Asian-American actor for Danny Rand. Check out Bleeding Cool's summary of it!

Variety has a great interview with Miley Cyrus, as she discusses her journey to discover her pansexual identity, why she barely acts anymore, and her non-profit to help at-risk LGBTQ and homeless youth.

Seija Rankin discusses Emily Blunt’s new “crazy woman” movie, The Girl on the Train, the crazy woman trope, and also takes us through a list of Hollywood’s best and worst movies that use it. Pretty good discussion on complex female characters.

Today's Musical Hit: that whole pussy thing isn't going away, is it, America? Well then enjoy this:

Today's Critical Roll:

1. Speaking of cats, are you a fan? Crazy cat lady/lord? Only love them on the internet? Prefer dogs, rabbits, or snakes?