Critical Hits & Misses #44

We've just hired a new contributor. Courtesy of Violet The Bunny.

X-Men scribe Peter David went on a racist anti-Romani rant at the NYCC LGBTQ X-Men panel when a Romani fan and activist asked the panel how we might go about promoting better representations of Romani characters in comics. David apologized for his "tone" – but, then doubled-down on his statements in a subsequent blog post. (Adrian)

The Huffington Post’s Priscilla Frank discusses the prevailing theme in the BBC’s darkly comedic Fleabag, a show that revolves around a complex woman, her life, and her struggle to be a “proper” feminist. The article is full of spoilers for the show, but Frank also spends a good amount of time discussing modern feminism and how women are often judged against impossible standards. She asks: must every goddamn thing a woman does be feminist? (Ivonne)

For today's musical hit, it seemed topical, after last night's American circus act, to feature Weezer's "I Love the USA," featuring Patton Oswalt. (Ivonne)

Today's critical rolls:

1. NYCC has come and gone. What was your favorite thing about it (if you were there) or internet news (if you weren't)?

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