Archie #18 Review: Perfect For New Readers!

If you think that this cover looks oddly familiar, you would be correct. It's a reference to a few of the recent promotional images for the Riverdale tv show. Similarly, Archie #18 introduces a new arc, tailored to introduce Mark Waid's version of the characters to new readers. I think that the comic works very well as a jumping-on point for anyone unfamiliar with the source material. It has all of the main cast of the show living in Riverdale, as well as Jughead demonstrating his expert detective skills.

Jughead Jones? More like Jughead Holmes!
If that actually happens on Riverdale at some point, I will be very pleased. For the most part, this issue feels like a lighter version of the show, and, in my personal opinion, what the show should be. It weaves engaging drama with slapstick humor and doesn't have to get overly dark and melodramatic. For example, Archie is reunited with Veronica, but it's shown that they have either grown apart during her absence from Riverdale or possibly romanticized their relationship. Archie doesn't understand it when Veronica talks about the trials of being rich and she finds his sports chatter boring.

Similarly, I enjoyed seeing more of Dilton Doiley in the issue. He and Betty bond at a car convention as they respectively geek out over the cool technology seen in cars. Betty is an expert with fixing cars and Dilton loves finding out how they work.  It's a match made in car heaven! Sure, Archie notices and it makes him sad, which upsets Veronica in return, but that's the nature of a love whatever-gram.

Archie #18 is written by Mark Waid, drawn by Pete Woods, and lettered by Jack Morelli. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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