Reggie And Me #4 Review: A Grim, Yet Compelling, Installment

Warning: This review contains full spoilers for the issue.

In Reggie And Me #4, Reggie finally puts his diabolical plan into action. In the past issues, we've seen him scheme to take down Moose so he can date Midge. To make this happen, he has pretended to befriend Moose in order to find out what makes him tick. As the issue starts, he's palmed Archie's phone and is sending Midge messages and gifts. Naturally, Moose isn't happy about this. Reggie wants to manipulate Moose into beating up Archie under the bleachers.

Reggie, seen here sowing the seeds of mistrust.
Reggie's behavior in this issue is awful. He's definitely crossed the line from being a slightly sympathetic villainous character to being outright awful. His plan, if executed correctly, would lead Midge and Archie to meet near the bleachers, with Midge there to confront her "secret admirer" and Archie there to get his phone back. Meanwhile, Moose would see them, assume the worst, and beat him up. Mr. Weatherbee would expel Moose and Archie, eliminating Reggie's two main obstacles.

Hey, that bat was innocent! RIP, baseball bat, 2017-2017.
Fortunately, his plan does not work. It's rather disturbing that Moose outright showed up wielding a baseball bat, but that could be attributed to believing that Midge's stalker was dangerous and wanting to keep her safe. He does think that Archie is trustworthy and he loves Midge, so he shakes Archie's hand and tells Midge that he just wants her to be happy. It's surprisingly touching and a wonderful character moment for Moose, showing that he's not just a jealous boyfriend. Midge, of course, sets him straight about the whole mix-up.

Unfortunately, the grim specter of violence still looms over Riverdale. Reggie gets hurt by one of the bullies from another school. The issue also shows some more glimpses from his past. "Little" Ambrose is reintroduced into the New Riverdale universe, desperately wanting to tag along with his idol, "Little" Reggie. One simple act of kindness, and he follows Reggie around, almost like a puppy. An act of cruelty drives him away, in tears. History ends up repeating itself in a gut-wrenching cliffhanger. Twice, Reggie yells at Vader to leave him alone. The second time, poor Vader runs into the street and gets hit by a car.

Reggie And Me #4 is a fantastic issue, both subverting the expected plot and setting up a horrifying conclusion. I'm a dog lover and I winced as I read that last panel. We don't see what happens to Vader, but the next issue's solicitation promises that we will "learn his fate." Tom DeFalco continues to create an amazing character study of Reggie Mantle and how he affects the lives of those around him, especially the one being who loves him unconditionally.

Reggie And Me #4 is written by Tom DeFalco, drawn by Sandy Jarrell, lettered by Jack Morelli, and colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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