Jughead #13 Review: Burgers And Internet Humiliation, The Perfect Match!

It's unlucky issue number thirteen for Jughead Jones and friends as Reggie Mantle takes over! Well, unlucky for them, but very lucky for me, as Chuck Clayton finally appears in the "New Riverdale" 'verse. Sure, Dilton outright describes the recap page as "questionably canon", but I'll take what I can get. It's better than the villainous version of the character in Riverdale.

I genuinely hope Archie Comics, Inc. makes a Chuck Clayton series with Derek Charm as the artist.
The entire issue is a laugh riot, from the subtle background jokes ("Melody And Her Literal Cats Who Plat Cat-Sized Instruments", anyone?) to the jokes at the expense of the original comics. The "Sugar, Sugar" joke and how quickly Archie shuts it down is gold. Also, Jughead's song isn't that bad, for the first song he's ever written. It reads like a Weird Al song, maybe a hybrid between one of his polka medleys and "Eat It." Ryan North, if you're reading this, it's great and I would definitely listen to it if it was real.

Unfortunately, some edits to the video make it extremely embarrassing and Jughead accidentally uploads it to the web, where it immediately goes viral. People across the world laugh at it, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch to an astronaut to two teens who might be Jason and Cheryl Blossom, I'm not sure. Unfortunately, this storyline won't be concluded until April, and it'll be Ryan North's final issue, to boot. I'm sure that it'll be great, given the previous stories.

Jughead #13 is written by Ryan North, drawn by Derek Charm, and lettered by Jack Morelli. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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