Deadpool The Duck #3 Review: Yes, That Is A Thing

I really like the cover for this issue. The contrast between the art for Deadpool and the paper is visually striking and it adds a nice feel. The plan in itself is also a great touch, essentially acting as a story in itself. The events are there, you can just fill in the blanks and insert your own quips if you so choose.

The third issue of Deadpool The Duck has more of Deadpool The Duck's plan to find Roxxon and save Rocket Raccoon from his space rabies. Unfortunately, the task isn't as easy as it sounds. Deadpool is as chaotic as ever, and, even in the body of a duck, he's still fairly destructive. Unfortunately, that also means that he's more likely to be distracted and Howard isn't in the mood to help him out. He's just in the Negative Zone, talking to his new friend. I know it's probably a reference to that Tom Hanks movie with the volleyball, but I prefer to think of it as a nod to Phineas And Ferb's Balloony.

They have the same creepy smile and they're both suspended by a rope. I guess that would make Howard Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Hey, it makes sense, considering the Marvel crossover in the show.
Deadpool The Duck #3 is a fun issue, filled with laughs, emotional drama, and a refreshing lack of vomit. Fun fact: Stuart Moore said on his Twitter account that the rather excessive amount actually had a narrative purpose. The, um, shapes of the waste formed clues that foreshadowed the story, such as a duck. I bet you wouldn't see Ultimates 2 doing that! The comic is written by Stuart Moore, drawn by Jacopo Camagni, colored by Israel Silva, and lettered by VC's Joe Sabino. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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