U.S.Avengers #3 Review: The End Of The $kullocracy?

It's an all-out battle to save the day between the U.S.Avengers and the Golden Skull! Heroes vs robotic billionaire facsimiles! Villains plundering for gold! Time travel and alternate universes! What more can I say? First of all, the art is amazing, especially on the cover. I love the detail and I would definitely play that board game.

The whole issue has an amazing sense of fun and whimsy. In fact, it even mentions Arcade! That's a cool coincidence, reviewing two comics in the same week that just so happen to include the same baddie, although he really only appears in an illusion in this one. The real bad guy is still the Golden Skull, one of the most offbeat villains in recent Marvel history! I'm going to miss seeing him, as well as Danielle Cage. They were both really cool characters.

Actually, Mr. Golden Skull, it's pronounced "fake news." I'm sorry, you're not from this time, you probably didn't know that. Easy mistake. Please don't kill me!
The comic also features some marvelous character interactions. It really sets the tone for the series, seeing everyone joke around even while they're stopping killer robots. I definitely recommend U.S.Avengers. If the first arc is this good, I can't wait to see how the next one will top it.

Pictured: Squirrel Girl's one weakness- Helping to keep other heroes from flying back as they use fire powers to attack robots! It's a very specific weakness.
U.S.Avengers #3 is written by Al Ewing, pencilled by Paco Medina and Carlo Barberi, colored by Jesus Aburtov and Andres Mossa, and lettered by VC's Joe Caramagna. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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