Archie #17 Review: Manipulations And Men's Clothing

Archie #17 focuses on Cheryl's pursuit of Archie and the lengths that she'll go to in order to win his heart by any means necessary.

I absolutely love it. Seeing just what she'll do in order to trick Archie into falling for her is amazing. She relentlessly finds out what he likes and just makes a checklist out of it. It's hilarious, seeing her try to win him over, despite not really caring about the basic details, like Betty and Jughead's names. She even tries to pump Betty's former beau, Sayid, for information, but ends up alienating him.

I guess he's read Afterlife With Archie. Can't blame you, it has some extremely unpleasant implications.
Meanwhile, Veronica needs to get back to Riverdale and stop Cheryl from succeeding in her plan. If she finishes all of her work quickly enough, she could hypothetically leave and go back in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, her new teacher is Mr. Collier, the former mayor of Riverdale. Wuh-oh. Overall, it's an amazing issue and I strongly urge you to start reading it. Very soon, the Archie series will have a new arc, so that makes a perfect jumping-on point for anyone who's been introduced to the franchise through Riverdale.

"And make it plaid with polka dots!"
Archie #17 is written by Mark Waid, drawn by Joe Eisma, lettered by Jack Morelli, and colored by Andre Szymanowicz. You can find it at your local comic book shop.

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