Critical Hits & Misses #138

  • This is the final time we're posting this, mostly because today is the 20th of February, aka President's Day. Get your donations in today! “On Monday, February 20, 2017 America will observe President's Day, but our current president gives us little cause for celebration. As Trump and the GOP-lead Congress work to repeal the ACA and defund Planned Parenthood, women across America will need their services more than ever. Donate today so we can give Planned Parenthood a reason to celebrate this February 20th! Bonus points if we can raise enough to make a statement and annoy our fear-mongering leader.”

  • Family is an important theme of The LEGO Batman Movie. Evan Narcisse of io9 recounts how watching the film gave his six year old daughter a new way of understanding that concept.

For today's musical hit, we have Lana Del Rey and "Love"

Today's critical rolls: Lego Batman is all about family, even if it means forming one of your own if life's cheated you out of your natural one. Tell us about what family means to you!

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