Critical Hits & Misses #132

  • We didn't cover this story here at Critical Writ, but you might have remembered the outrage over the dog movie A Dog's Purpose after a video went viral that showed a distressed German Shepard being forced into water during filming. Turns out that the video--put out by PETA and the video's creators at precisely the moment of the film's premiere--was fake. Read more here

  • We love intersectional feminism! And this hip-hop variant cover for Marvel's America #2 is badass! Just like the wonderful America Chavez, the queer woman of color that is taking America by storm! 
For today's musical hit, please be aware that there are disturbing Holocaust images in this video. But if you can stand it, it's worth watching and listening to. Here is Smash It Up with "Nation of Zeros"

Today's critical rolls: Speaking of pets, do you have any? Tell us about your awesome furry kids, and share pics if you want!

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