Critical Hits and Misses #11: August 22nd, 2016

Welcome, one and all, to The All-New / All-Different Critical Hits and Misses: Rebirth super spectacular collector's edition first post. In accordance to the prophecy, we are rebooting CH&M for a more modern audience. Essentially, everything is staying exactly the same—well, with one notable exception. The daily "Critical Hits and Misses" will, for the foreseeable future, be run by the gorgeously handsome John Conroy. This change will make CH&M exactly 108% more awesome. In addition, CH&M will go live at exactly 4:30 PM EST and will be posted every week day. As you can see, this is not that new or that different from the original iteration of "Critical Hits and Misses," but I'm a melodramatic sort. 

Now that introductions and announcements are out of the way, let's get this rockin' and rollin':

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