Apparently Doomed: Vote Loki #3 Review

One of my only criticisms for the past two issues of Vote Loki has been this: while it has no problem delivering on the satire, it doesn’t feel much like a Marvel comic book. There’s not much sense of what’s going on beyond the fact that Loki is running for President.

I say ‘criticism’, but I honestly did not mind. There are plenty of other comics out there, and if this one simply wants to focus on political parody, that’s fine by me.

Unfortunately, Vote Loki #3 decided to focus on the Marvel Universe, for a change. While it is fascinating to see a war-torn Latveria struggling in the wake of Dr. Doom's departure, it also results in a plot basically identical to that of the last issue.

Nisa uses her intrepid journalistic skills to uncover a scandal in Loki’s campaign, everyone assumes that this marks the end of his presidential bid, then Loki speaks out, everyone loves it, and his popularity just ends up rising.

Well he's never gon' be President now!
 I mean, it happening once is unlikely enough, but it is totally and utterly unbelievable that any person running for President could repeatedly shake off serious scandals like that on an almost weekly basis, and somehow gain popularity from them. I have to say, I have no idea where on earth Christopher Hastings gets these totally ridiculous concepts from…  oh. Right.

Aside from the slightly heavy Latveria plot, there are a few more fun moments, like the first debate between all three candidates, which sadly doesn’t go on for as long as you’d hope, and Loki at a State Fair.

Basically, America in a cone.
 Overall, it’s not quite up to par with the rest of the series, and it does very little to alter the status quo, but that doesn’t stop it from being a really fun comic.

Aranwe Quirke is a totally real, definitely not made up name. No, you may not see the birth certificate.