Critical Hits and Misses #17: August 30th, 2016

  • If you want to get hyped up about the upcoming Luke Cage show, we recommend reading Wired's thorough article/interview with show creator Cheo Hodari Coker, titled "Why Netflix's Luke Cage is the superhero we really need right now." Apart from background on the show and all the conditions of its coming into existence, it goes into the significance of having a black superhero at the center of a major TV show, and especially one who is bulletproof. (Tova)
  • Den of Geek’s Caroline Preece discusses the Berlantiverse and how it’s become one of the most diverse and inclusive comic-related properties out there. (Ivonne)
  • Deadline: Sorry to all the fans of absurdist comedy out there, satirical talk show Comedy Bang Bang will end after the fifth season finale, according to Deadline. (Zach)

Today's musical hit is "Take This Body," a folky duet between Gill Landry and Laura Marling. (Etienne)

Today's critical rolls:
1. The floor has become yogurt. Is this worse or better than lava? Show your work. (Etienne)
2. What is your personal favorite nostalgic series?

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