Critical Hits and Misses #15: August 26th, 2016

  • This week's hit you may have missed: Critical Writ contributers had a post-mortem roundtable discussion on the Ghostbusters reboot.
  • The staff at Comics Alliance has compiled recommendations appropriate for introducing young readers to the worlds of both DC and Marvel. (John)
  • Time Magazine follows the evolution of Harley Quinn and discusses her status as a feminist icon to some and a sexist stereotype to others. (Ivonne)

For today's musical hit, Toronto's Good Kid perform their latest single, "Atlas." (Etienne)

Today's critical questions:

1. What is the goofiest Pokémon design?
2. What is something mundane that you feel an inordinate amount of pride in?
3. Who is the most memorable one-off character on The Simpsons?
4. Which DCEU film (so far) is the least awful?
5a. Who is the most memorable fictional scientist?
5b. Villainous scientist?
5c. Heroic scientist?

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