Son of Zorn Acquires New Cast Members, Earlier Premiere Date

As the premiere grows ever closer, Fox has been pushing Son of Zorn closer and closer into the spotlight. During the most recent SDCC event, they held a panel with several members of the cast and crew, mentioning several interesting tidbits in the process. Thankfully, certain clips were recorded for promotional purposes and placed on YouTube.

The first one has some fascinating details on how the show is produced and the level of care that goes into making the animated interactions seem realistic. Improvising is allowed on set, both for the voice actors and the human cast. Additionally, they have a person on set to stand in Zorn’s spot to ensure continuity. I enjoy learning about how television shows are made, so I found it quite engaging.

The second clip showcases the actors discussing their reactions to the script and reveals some interesting guest stars. As previously reported, Olivia Wilde will be voicing Zorn’s ex-girlfriend, and Nick Offerman will voice a doctor from the animated kingdom. Additionally, from Key and Peele and Keanu, Keegan-Michael Key will play one of Zorn’s old friends and Sarah Koenig, the host of Serial, will narrate a documentary on Zorn’s home world of Zephria. Additionally, it was revealed after SDCC that Fred Armisen would voice an enemy of the kingdom... who has the head of a vulture. Yeah, that’s going to be weird.

Finally, it was announced recently that the first episode of Son of Zorn would premiere as a post-football preview on September 11th, slightly earlier than the originally intended air date. The second episode will air on the twenty-fifth, two weeks later.

Are you looking forward to Son of Zorn? As I’ve said before, it certainly seems unique and I’m not opposed to trying it out, especially with the great cast, crew, and guest actors.

Zachary Krishef is an evil genius. Do not question his knowledge of Saturday Night Live trivia or the Harry Potter books.