The Unbelievable Gwenpool #5 Review: Meeting Miles

This is it, the first Gwenpool team-up! Technically, she did meet Thor in a previous issue, but I don’t think nearly getting bludgeoned to death with Mjolnir counts as a team-up. Then again, it probably happened to Deadpool at some point. Also, there's the Rocket Raccoon And Groot appearance, but that's in a different title and later in the year. In any case, let’s see what happens in the first part of this two-part tale!

The story begins almost precisely where the last one left off, with Gwen’s presence being requested for a meeting with her mysterious employer. Their identity is still unknown, but I am inclined to suspect that it is either a new character or potentially the Black Cat, considering her role in Miles’s current series. Or, you know, that evil genius, Stilt-Man. They request that Gwen come meet for an in-person conference, but she gets distracted on the way by Miles Morales.

"Nuts, I forgot my official Spider-Man notebook and I have to get his autograph. Maybe he'll sign my hoodie."

Is it just me or does Miles look younger than usual? Also, something seems off about Gwen’s facial structure in the image. Somehow, it seems simultaneously over-detailed and under-detailed. In the story, Gwen almost immediately freaks Miles out by subtly indicating that she knows his secret identity, much to his chagrin. What plausible explanation will she come up with to avoid revealing her secret?

"And if that doesn't work, I'll claim to be an alternate version of Spider-Gwen! Wait, aren't they going to start dating in October? SQUEEEEEE!"

I know it’s most likely a one-off joke, but I would absolutely read that, either in a comic or a YA book form. Somehow, Miles believes Gwen and heads off to class, but then the school explodes. To Gwen’s glee, they team up to save the classmates. Sure enough, Gwen misses the meeting with her boss, but it seems to temporarily be okay.

I hope this appears as a background gag in the MCU, preferably with Cheri Oteri doing her Judge Judy impression.
Miles heads home to talk to his family, only to unexpectedly find Gwen, posing as a student from his school. Very reluctantly, he agrees to team up again and find out who bombed his school. The comic ends with Gwen’s team of mercenaries getting a call from outer space—and space squids hanging out with Gwen? Not the most dramatic of cliffhangers, but still entertaining.

Gwenpool #5 is very good, but I wish that more had happened in the issue. I feel like it needed more meat and drama to it, but that might just be because the previous issues have all been filled with a lot of intense action. In this case, a lighter issue works as a palate cleanser. Besides, the issue was effective at setting up the plot points for the next issue concisely and it had some cute character moments featuring Gwen, Miles, and Cecil. As for the art, the switch from Gurihiru to Irene Strychalski’s style is somewhat jarring, but not a problem. Apart from the aforementioned issue of Miles younger than usual, it still fits the wonderful, manga-esque tone of the book.

Gwenpool #5 is written by Christopher Hastings and drawn by Irene Strychalski. It can be found at your local comic book shop.

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